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General Food Q&A





Q.  What different kind of table settings are there?

Q.  What is the most standard fork, spoon and knife layout on a dinner table?

Q.  Is eating raw rice wrong?

Q.  How do you pronounce 'cuisine'?




Q.  What different kind of table settings will I find if I'm going to different ethnic restaurants?


A.  As we write up each cuisine, we'll tell you when the table setting is different from what we're used to in America.  Sometimes, it's just a little bit different, like finding tongs above your plate at a Brazilian Churrascaria; other times, you'll find items like chopsticks, decorative spoons, lobster shell crackers and other useful but mysterious gadgets and utensils.  Check each column for details.




Q.  What is the most standard fork, spoon and knife layout on a dinner table? How many and in which sequence?


A.  Ah, cutlery!  The answer to your question depends on a few things: Which cuisine are you serving, how many courses, and what is each dish exactly?  For most American and European meals, what you can do is look at all the courses you'll be serving, determine which utensils people will need to eat each dish, and then lay them at each setting such that the utensils furthest from the center of the setting will be used first, the second furthest will be used second, and the closest will be used last.  Here's a link to The Old Farmer's Almanac's suggested lay-out (I'd put the bread plate under the napkin, but everything else I agree with). 


With chopsticks, put them to the right of people, and try to provide a chopsticks holder.  With a super-long meal, consider bringing some of the cutlery out just before, or with the food items-- you don't want the table to look like a silverware store!



Q.  Is eating raw rice wrong?


A.  If you mean eating uncooked rice, then the answer is 'yes'.  Uncooked rice, aside from being unpleasant to eat, is difficult for your body to digest. 


     If you mean natural brown rice, with its bran still on, then this rice is very good for you- eating it will bring extra fiber to your diet, and keep your colon happy.  Enjoy!



Q.  How do you pronounce the word 'cuisine'?


A.  'Cuisine' is a word that English speakers have adapted from the French, meaning 'a style of cooking'.  It follows typical French pronunciation.  In two syllables, it sounds like "kwee-SEEN" or "kwi-ZEEN".   In French, it also means 'kitchen'.











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