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            The Food Virgin is the best source of information for people who would like to try eating new, unfamiliar cuisines.  Designed especially for first-timers, The Food Virgin explains in plain English what to expect from the minute you walk in the door, to the moment you pay the bill.  Each type of food experience is described in detail, helping readers and viewers know what the food is like, what to order if it's your first time trying it, and how to eat each dish (especially when weird utensils or methods are involved).

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May 7, 2006-  Is it your first time eating a certain type of food and you have no idea how to? Can't figure out how to eat Japanese sushi or surprised to find that you may have to use your hands to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant? Then you might want to check out The Food Virgin....

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June 8, 2006- Ever wondered how to eat sushi right- in one bite or two? To mix wasabi into your soy sauce or not?  What are the little tongs for in a Brazilian Churrascaria?  How do you even say churrascaria? Wonder what Ethiopian food is like, and how to eat it with no utensils?




The Food Virgin FAQ

When did The Food Virgin start?

The Food Virgin columns began in 2005, though technically the website was launched in 2006.

How did it begin?

The Food Virgin herself went for a dinner in Washington D.C. and had Ethiopian food for the first time.  It was great food and a fun experience, but was so far from what she was used to that she got to wondering how many other people don't try different cuisines because they seem way too weird and scary, and people don't know what to expect, order or do.  Having tried a lot of different cuisines from around the world (and curious to try many more), The Food Virgin started putting together the columns and website, aiming to help Food Virgins everywhere be comfortable eating anywhere their first time. 

Who visits The Food Virgin website?

We get questions from food newbies, as well as more experienced diners who want to eat like the experts.  The Food Virgin has answers for everyone, carefully researched, and aided by top chefs and food experts when appropriate.

What can people find here?

A substantial Q&A section, restaurant finder, and selection of articles on different cuisines, not to mention foodie friends at the forum.  For more info about The Food Virgin herself, click here.

What's next for The Food Virgin?

Look for us in other media, namely your local newpaper.  More details of other media will be announced first here.

Can we interview The Food Virgin, or book her for an appearance on our show?

Yes!  Contact us to arrange it.  Click here, or drop a line to

Is your question not answered here?

Contact us!  We'll happily reply within 24 hours.  Click here, or drop a line to








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