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Ethiopian Food Find out all about eating this great cuisine from Africa.  How do you eat with Injera bread?  Is everything spicy?  We talk to Zed Wandemu, of Zed's Ethiopian Cuisine in Washington D.C. to get the inside track on eating Ethiopian.


Brazilian Churrascaria   Brazilian churrascarias are lively places, especially for people who love to eat lots of types of charcoal-grilled meats.  There's still lots to eat for people who are still hearing their mother's voices to "eat more vegetables" too.  Find out what to expect from these South American-style steakhouses.


Japanese Sushi Got questions about sushi?  What's good to eat?  Is everything raw?  Is it necessary to know the names of everything?  Is it possible to have a meal at a sushi place that doesn't involve anything raw, or even seafood at all?  We put these questions to Yoshie Cabral, the famous female sushi chef at The California Grill in Orlando.


Thai Food Is it spicy?  Is is sweet?  Sour?  Salty?  The Food Virgin talks to Ian Chalermkittichai of Kittichai Restaurant in New York City to find out what Thai restaurants are like, what dishes people shouldn't miss, and everything else you'll need to know to enjoy your first Thai food experience.


Greek Food

Discover the many ways to enjoy Greek food:  Ouzo and tapas.  Souvlaki and rice.  Dips, salads, pastry desserts.  We examine it all with Heidi Vamvalis of Mykonos Restaurant in London, Ontario, planning a great menu for first time eaters, as well as when to shout, "Opa!" 


Indian Food Want to try some curry in a hurry?  Or a slow-simmered masala?  Find out what food comes from this South Asian country, and why some Indian restaurants have totally different food on offer than other Indian restaurants.  Also, find out what's best to try for your first time eating Indian.


French Haute Cuisine Does the thought of going for a fancy French meal scare the bejeebers out of you?  You're not alone.  Find out who started this intimidating cuisine, and how you can eat it as if you were born with a silver cuillère in your mouth, preferably with a scoop of lobster bisque on it.




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