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Q.  How do you eat saganaki?

~Anonymous, U.S.A.

A.  Saganaki is a grilled cheese dish from Greece, but also popular throughout the Middle East.  In the U.S., they also present it with flair, lighting the ouzo-doused cheese on fire in the saganaki pan, and putting it out with lemon.  Eat it with the bread provided, usually pita bread, but sometimes other kinds.  Cut off small pieces and put it with small pieces of bread.  You can also skip the bread and eat the cut cheese pieces with a fork.  You might also want to know that saganaki is named after the pan, and is not a specific type of cheese.  Sometimes it is made with haloumi, other times kasseri or other choices.  The different cheeses have different melting points and flavors, but all are good.  Follow it up with baklava for dessert, a flakey honey-walnut pastry dish, as seen above.


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