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 About 'The Food Virgin'



            The Food Virgin is here to help everyone who has ever found themselves in a restaurant baffled by the menu, bewildered with the cutlery and fearful of the food that arrives.  The more unusual the cuisine, the more likely it is we'll encounter confusing customs and unfamiliar entrees for those of us who were raised on burgers and fries.  

            The Food Virgin will take you step-by-step through all the stages of eating any cuisine as it is typically served in America.  She'll tell you what to expect from the moment you walk in the door right up to how you should pay the bill.  She'll explain what's on the menu, what the best thing to order might be if this is the first time you or your guests are trying the cuisine, what drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) traditionally go with it, what everything tastes like, and how to eat and drink it all as skillfully as a native would.

            The Food Virgin herself is what many might call 'a picky eater'.  Her mother said she was 'fussy' as a child, as demonstrated by the 'Nothing but Cheese Diet' she insisted on at the age of four.  Although she gave that up after a while, the Food Virgin stuck to a fairly bland North American diet consisting of the usual suspects: roasted chicken breast, tossed salad, mashed potatoes.  A real stretch would've been to order chicken wings 'medium' instead of 'mild'.  Ooooooh!

            Fortunately for the Food Virgin, as luck would have it, she moved to Asia, and was forced to eat things like steamed sea bass and beef curry and seaweed for the first time.  OK, the seaweed was gross, but the rest of it all opened her eyes (and taste buds!) to an amazing array of foods she would otherwise have never tried.  Now, as these and other cuisines become more and more popular across America, let the Food Virgin show you how to enjoy eating what the world has to offer.  There's no excuse now- it's here on our doorstep!



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