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WhereGotHot.com is Asia's most up-to-the-minute guide on what's new and interesting to do, eat, see and buy.  Offering both the website, with easy to search archives, and the WhereGotHot E-mail Updates, WhereGotHot.com keeps all Hotties in the know.  

The items we feature in our publications are chosen wholly and solely because we like them, and are not chosen because the featured company may or may not be advertising with us. 


WhereGotHot.com is updated daily, while the WhereGotHot E-mail Updates are sent Monday through Friday, with Friday's edition offering ideas that readers can try over the weekend.


WhereGotHot.com is created by a collective of WhereGotHotties, some openly known, and some more surreptitious.  They can usually be seen wherever Hot Things can be found.


WhereGotHot.com checks out hot spots throughout Asia and in various other places around the world that might have interesting things.


Because it's fun!  And we want to spread it to you.


Visit the website, or sign up for the WhereGotHot E-mail Updates.  WhereGotHot also offers feeds by RSS and Atom.


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